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Edgy, Restless Youth Beauty

Clothing designs by

“Edgy, restless youth- perceived outcast”

1st 4 images- Blonde with pink hair in Black dress & redhead in white shirt with black collar & tights

“Cottage core aesthetic born from runaway dream”

Redhead in white dress

Brunette in brown & white tops


Inspired by the wolf cuts choppy layers hairstyle


A couple ways to get this look

1. Hair extensions in front side to give shorter choppy layers onto face without cutting your own hair

2. Or jump in and cut the hair into the choppy layers along fringe and front sides.

Tape in extensions applications for this look, I added tape in extensions @hairdreams to Caitlin’s’ hair to get the choppy textured layers on the face.

1. Sectioned out a veil section on top making sure the extensions cannot be seen through the density of the hair when it is in natural fall or it’s natural position.

2. Lay the hair flat, low tension, position tape in extension on to the hair and press to secure.

3. Part the hair below this extension just applied to the hair to secure a 2nd extension to the other side. Securing your hair between two tape in extensions.

4. The size of the section is guided by the density of your hair.

5. Once the extensions are in cut the extension hair only into a shorter textured layer

6. Check out the video for more


1. Apply product, “Miracle 15” OSiS+ Session Label applied off the root to the ends for control & shine. Apply “Volumizing Mousse” OSIS+ Session Label scalp to ends for texture.

2. Blow-dry keeping texture in the hair.

3. Iron the ends of the hair moving away from the face.

4. Finish by working hands through the hair and finishing with “Style on Steroids” Spray by Color Wow


Inspired by the Modern Diana bob

1. Starting with partially dried hair to allow the product not to be diluted. Apply Hairbody by OSIS+ Dry in with hands keeping texture smooth where needed.

2. Braid a section across the nape are as a base.

3. Take 3 uneven sections of hair across the back of the head, in a rough ponytails. Hold one at a time, twist the ends & position & fasten with short grips (booby pins) into the nape braid

4. Finish and detail the texture with Keep it light spray by OSIS+

Make-up- all pics

The focal point should be either the eyes or lips. Never, make both of these facial features bold at the same time. Always fill in your eyebrows. For a natural brow look, the best products to use are a brow powder or pencil. Stay away from creamy textures when filling in your eyebrows unless you are going for a stronger look such as in stage performance. Now many brands have a wide range of colors for eyebrow products, filling in your eyebrows has never been this easy & versatile.


Photographer & Lead hair- Bill Schrlau @schrlau @n_a_b_a_e


John Casablancas CT

Natalia Barbosa @tal_barbosa

John Casablancas CT

Olivia Barbosa @livvbarbosa

INDEPENDENT- not represented

Caitlin Thompson @ctrl.alt.cait1in

Hair Asst- Cicily Telesco @sisscissorz

Hair Asst- Daniel Cordeiro @da.nielle8495

Mua- Cesar Olivas Lavado @alcesarbeauty

Styling & designs by- Victoria Audibert @victoria_audibert

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