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The state of Connecticut is not just the Constitution State, it is also a place of hidden jewels, nautical fashion and beauty products that people use all over the U.S. Take a look at some of the best in fashion and beauty products that we discovered right here in our state!

  1. Jewels For Hope creates unique handcrafted jewelry and donates a portion of the to a selected charity.

  2. Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner- Rose petals are full of natural oils and sugars that help restore dehydrated skin and bring out a natural, dewy, complexion. The natural astringent properties of rose petals work in tandem with witch hazel, tightening pores, controlling oil production, locking moisture in, and keeping free radicals out. It's also full of Vitamin C, which is crucial for collagen production, strengthening skin cells, and fading blemishes and scars.

  3. Goatboy Soaps - Handcrafted In New Milford, Connecticut the soap is made in small batches using natural ingredients, goat's milk, saponified oils, essential oils or all natural fragrance. You will find our soap a personal experience. Good for people with very sensitive skin.

  4. Cait Shea Designs- A sustainable slow-fashion line based in Chester, CT. Their mission is to challenge fashion industry norms of mass-production and ever-changing styles. CAIT SHEA is thoughtfully designed and lovingly handmade using only natural fibers and hand-dyed using only plant-based dyes.

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