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Rebirth, The New Beginning Fashion Show

Connecticut CTFS21 is an unforgettable show.  Our team Rafael, Barbara, Beneca stage director, and Designer Amy Lane along with all our beautiful models from Propel Models.  



Such a gorgeous season should call for some excitement!  With Covid19 and most people working from home with or no place to go.  Waking up daily to the same regimen can be a daunting and boring lifestyle.  The ease of a non-dramatic schedule with few or no places to gomay be peaceful for a while, but the lack of thrill will eventually lead to boredom. It is easy to fall into a drab cycle; however, there are simple ways to keep things fresh to avoid a monotone summer. Here are some ideas to add spice to a lackluster summer.


Surfer Girl in Polka Dot Bikini


10 Best HOT Summer looks for swimsuit

Fashion Portrait

Fashion Industry

Photographers, artist, models, designers and videographer to be on the look out this season. COMING SOON!


Model Search

Kacey Hubbell our last year back to school model search winner will be seen in our NEXT issue

JustBeU Magazine Summer Issue Vol5.png

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